I have a severe dance addiction. Seriously, I need help. I'll forego all human responsibility to feed my face or empty my bladder as long as there's a thumping bass near me, so I have a special kinda love for this genre. I've dropped my stylus during Elite Beat Agents and I've ruined many decent Lumines runs while bouncing around to the soundtrack. I'm especially indebted to Dance Dance Revolution for reviving hyper cracked-out 90s techno music, another passion of mine. To be honest, I've been on a DDR machine maybe 3 times in my life, but you best believe I have every 90-minute megamix in my playlist. That includes the hits of E-Rotic, who sing exclusively about nipples and butts, only using less sophisticated lingo.

Live Wire
Live Wire
Your mind has been jacked to the central processing chip of a haywire techdroid Mk 289-AZ. Can you outthink a mad AI before you're mindfried?
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Beat to Beat
Come all go-go contender! International dance trophy is time get! Win is possible with all kind of move! Go! Go!
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Synchros 9 Theme
Music from the final stage of Synchronacitation. Only perfect control of your rhythm wire can guide you through Synchros, the realm of pure sound.
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Revenge of Gor
Gravity and time are both your enemies as you scramble to discharge unstable ultracells at the core of Cubix.
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