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04-17-09 - Puma in Seoul: Part 3
An eventful weekend and 2nd Star King taping!

04-12-09 - Le Big Chop!
Why I decided to cut my locks...

04-05-09 - Puma in Seoul: Part 2
More adventures in South Korea!

03-29-09 - Puma in Seoul: Part 1
Get the scoop on my whirlwind ride for Star King!

06-17-08 - 2 Unlimited, Break It! Break It!
The rise and fall of techno's greatest...through the eyes of a child (me).

05-12-08 - The Secret Documents: 1
Seanbaby and I will crack the case!

04-30-08 - Goodbye, Lost Odyssey!
Breaking up is hard to do...

04-28-08 - Hip-Hop & Hats: A Study
Hip-Hop is struggling... Poor hat choice may be to blame.

04-16-08 - Danity Kane v2 New and Improved!
Welcome to the Dollhouse - Now with DOUBLE the hair weave!

04-14-08 - Welcome back, Portishead :)
Get ready for Third!!!

04-13-08 - I ♥ Korean Dramas!
A look into my foreign pop culture addiction...

Video gaming and music have been the top most constant activities of my life, even battling to claim "Pixel’s Earliest Memory." Back and forth, it's been the tug-of-war of my attention span for decades. So, it felt very natural when my two obsessions began to interface. When I play a game, I'm acutely sensitive to how the soundtrack is enhancing (or hindering) my experience... how its movement mirrors the game's flow, analyzing it down to the note. Growing up, I'd often pause my game and run to the piano to recreate the 8-but blips 'n bleeps I'd been hearing. In the same way, any music I listen to is inevitably translated into an imaginary video game – the music's melody, dynamics, rhythm and groove dictating the game's story, action, pacing and style.

I make music that stays true to both my passions – music to enjoy in the game and on the stage. That's my mission! I want to build soundscapes, custom fit for a game's design through each stage of development and production... and then take that music to the masses, to be enjoyed on its own merit in a completely new way. My senses have been fine tuning for this for the past forever, and at the risk of sounding totally douchey, it's my calling.
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